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Why to Invest in Green Energy?

Environmental Revolution Set To Unlock 90 Trillion of Investment According to Grantham Institute on Climate Change 

Enterprise Investment Scheme Qualifying Where Possible, Unlocks Income Tax Rebates, CGT and IHT Exemptions

350 PPM’s Team have been involved in over 40 Environmental Projects since 1997 – Check Investor Testimonial

350 PPM is an environmental incubator, brokerage and trading house specialising in green, socially responsible and ethical investments within the environmental sector.   These investments are structured under the Enterprise Investment Scheme where possible. 350 PPM always takes a stake in the investments it champions, alongside our investors. By working closely with the company at every stage and assisting in its growth where possible, 350 PPM can protect its and its investor’s interests, influence the outcome and share in the client company’s potential successes both now and in the future. 


Waste to Energy Market will surpass $35.5 billion by 2024
The U.K. still sends 12 million tonnes of household waste to landfill every year and exports 3.5 million tonnes at a cost of £280M. This is waste that could be dealt with by turning into energy instead.
Our current recommendation is a company involved in eleven different waste to energy projects. 
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